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Alexandria University   |   1938
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Alexandria University

Is a public research university in Alexandria, Egypt. It was established in 1938 as a satellite of Fuad University (the name of which was later changed to Cairo University), becoming an independent entity in 1942. It was known as Farouk University until the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 when its name was changed to the University of Alexandria. Taha Hussein was the founding rector of Alexandria University. It is now the second largest university in Egypt and has many affiliations to various universities for ongoing research.

Alexandria University was ranked 147th world wide based on Times Higher Education's World University Rankings 2010–2011.The 2010 rankings were controversial, as a single professor's practice of publishing a great number of articles in a journal of which he himself was the editor was identified as a crucial contributing factor for the high rating of Alexandra University.

Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport   |   1972
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Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport

Establishing the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) as a regional institute for maritime transport started as a notion in the Arab League Transport Committee's meetings on 11th of March, 1970. This notion came after the Arab League's Council issued, in its fifty third session, decree no. 2631/1970 stipulating the endorsement of founding a regional center for maritime transport training. The decree commissioned the Arab Republic of Egypt, on behalf of all the Arab countries, to ask for a technical aid from the United Nations' organizations specialized in the field of maritime transport.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina   |   2002
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The New Library of Alexandria, the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is much more than a library. It contains:

  • A Library that can hold millions of books.
  • An Internet Archive
  • Several specialized libraries
  • Four Museums for
  • A Planetarium
  • ALEXploratorium
  • Culturama
  • Several academic research centers
  • Fifteen permanent exhibitions
  • Four art galleries
  • A Conference Center

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology   |   2010
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Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology

Is a research university set up in collaboration between the Japanese and Egyptian governments in 2010

  • a first class international academic institution known worldwide for the high standards of its educational system, the high standard of its graduates and for the achievements of its research centers
  • a world class Center of Excellence for higher education and research with regional and global reach
  • one of the top 500 international universities within 10 years;
  • a success story and a living proof of Egyptian–Japanese cooperation that promotes human development in the region and the world

The City Of Scientific Research And Technological Applications   |   1993
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The City Of Scientific Research And Technological Applications

MUCSAT has been established according the presentational decree No85 in 1993 to develop the first science park in Egypt in order to improve scientific technologies in different areas of human life

  • To enhance the Egyptian capacities for innovation, where education, research and technology merge in one road leading to innovative enterprises, the products of which are targeted towards solving local economic and national problems
  • Strengthening all elements involved in the four Ps chain (publications, potencies, prototypes and products)
  • The City Of Scientific Research And Technological Applications being a hub for high tech and innovative research related businesses, with a focus on technology transfer and product advancement, especially in biopharmaceutical, molecular biomedicine, nanotechnology and IT