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What Is Alex Portal

The Website of Alexandria Governorate "www.alexandria.gov.eg", is a window for the local community to view the world. It provides an opportunity for actual partnership between Government organizations of the Governorate and civil society organizations. This partnership would use tools that allow for transparency of information and support decision makers, citizens, civil society organizations, Egyptian and foreign investors within and outwith Egypt, Alexandrians, media channels, researchers and learners as well.

The Foundation of Alex Portal Office

The Alex Portal Office was founded by the Governor's decree no. 1162/ 2005. The decree provides for the establishment Alex Portal office to be subject to the direction of Alexandria Governor and the supervision of the Secretary General. The Portal aims to:

  • Streamline and facilitate performance and delivery of citizen services to citizens, and enhance the interaction between citizens and government agencies;
  • Establish valid modern channels to serve the civil society, especially investors, researchers and learners;
  • Provide government agencies with accurate information and a clear vision of the future to help them make sound decisions;
  • Realize an information agreement between government bodies and CSOs, and inform them of community activities serving the society.

Targeted Audience:

  • H.E. Governor of Alexandria and officials of the municipal administration offices;
  • Investors;
  • The civil society; syndicates, chambers of commerce and non-government organizations.
  • Citizens are the main beneficiaries of the project, given that availability of information (at the local level), actual participation of all community players are foremost drivers for a community to become "an info-centered community", and make best use of the community potentials to provide for a better life.

Targeted Outcomes:

Participation in the development of a national information network that would include the main governorate entities. The network would use the internet and local information networks, provide capacities for data component control, and display the level of data accuracy, information references and efficiency of indicators affecting development decisions. It would also make information available for both government organizations and the civil society- a constituent which, if realized, would expedite and streamline the achievement of process efficiency and a comprehensive local development.

Alex Portal was ranked first in the Contest for Excellence in 2010.