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The investment zones system is one of the systems that have recently been developed in order to contribute and support the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy to attract more foreign investment and encourage domestic investment growth and to provide more employment opportunities through.

  • Dissemination of economic and social development in all governorates of the Republic and the exploitation of its competitive advantages.
  • The establishment of integrated cluster groupings in various fields, allowing competitive costs of operating economics and marketing as a result of industrial integration.
  • Achieve excellence in the provision of services and the application of all regulatory and administrative procedures for investors in the investment area.
  • The development of investment in the field of small and medium industries.
  • Increasing private sector participation in the provision of land attached according to the needs of the investment market in Egypt.

Objectives of Investment Zones

  • Widening the scope of economic and social development across the country with the best employment of the country's competitive advantages.
  • Establishing integrated clusters in all fields.
  • Investment development in Small and Medium Enterprises.


Is the core element in the establishment of the investment zone as it is the responsible party for carrying out the infrastructure and also provide all the services to the zone, whether the developer is a private company or governmental authority.

Investment Management inside the zone

The investment zone BOD is responsible for setting the general rules and regulations in the zone, as well as granting approvals to establish projects within it. The executive office within the Zone follows up the implementation of the decisions of the BOD, and the members of the Executive Office are employees of the General Authority for Investment.

Executive Office

  • Receiving applications from investors wishing to establish projects within the investment zone and presenting them to the BOD for decision.
  • Issuing all license for the projects within investment zones after receiving the board's approval.
  • Issuing the decision of operation for companies inside the zone.
  • Represent the investors in front of all the external parties.

Industrial Zones of Alexandria Governorate

  • New Manshia industrial zone.
  • Al Nasseria industrial zone.
  • Upper and Lower Mergham industrial zone.
  • The industrial zone in K 31, Desert Road.
  • Seibco Industrial Zone
  • Ajami industrial zone
  • Al Nahda industrial zone and its expansions.
  • Ohm Zagheou Industrial zone.
  • Industrial Zones in the New Urban Community Cities ====> Borg Al Arab industrial zone.

Inland Investments

Inland investment is governed by the Investment Incentives and Guarantees Law 8/1997 and Companies Law 159/1981 and their amendments. The General Authority for Investment (GAFI) acts as the official regulator for all incorporations and licenses governed by both legislations

Investment Incentives

  • Contracts of incorporation of companies and establishments and loan and mortgage contracts related to their business shall be exempt from the stamp tax as well as notarization and publication fees for a period of five (5) years from the date of record on the Commercial Register.
  • Companies and establishments may neither be sequestrated nor may their assets be subject to administrative attachment, seized, restrained, frozen, or expropriated.
  • No administrative authority may intervene in pricing the products of companies and establishments nor in determining their profits.
  • No Administrative Authority may cancel or suspend, in whole or in part, a license for usufruct of real estate, which the company or establishment is licensed to utilize, except in case of breach of the conditions of the license.
  • Companies and establishments may not be nationalized or confiscated.
  • Apply to companies and establishments the provisions of Article 4 of the law regulating customs exemptions promulgated by Law No. 186 of 1986 for the collection of customs tax category uniform 5% and so on all the projects of imported machinery and equipment and devices necessary for its creation.
  • The BOD of Investment Zone approves the establishing of projects inside, and issue all necessary license in accordance with simplified procedures and soft nominal charge.

The Required Documents

  • A description of the site includes its area, location, coordinates.
  • A report of all already-existing and required utilities, infrastructure elements.
  • The zone development and promotion strategy includes a general description of the type and number of targeted projects.
  • A master plan of the zone includes the services to be provided by the developer.
  • Information about the developer includes its experience.
  • Time schedule for zone establishment and utilization.
  • A template of the contract between the developer and the investor, includes the affirmation from the developer on their full compliance with the zone establishment decree.

The investor request is exposed to GAFI's BOD after obtaining the required approvals from the related parties as a preliminary step to the Prime Minister's approval to issue the investment zone's establish decree.

Investment Zones Contact:

  • General Authority for investment and free zones.
  • Phone : + (202) 26736900 .
  • Ext.: 2411-2404 .
  • Fax | + (202) 22748462 .