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Alexandria Governor Witnesses the Conference Held for Honouring Alexandria University for Winning the First Place in the European Competition on Raising Awareness
Alex 4 November : Dr Abd El-Aziz Qonsowa, Governor of Alexandria witnessed the conference held by the Cardiovascular Foundation to honour Alexandria University for winning the first place in the largest international competition of the European Union on Raising Awareness about Entrepreneurship, which was held on 17 October in the Finnish capital of Helsinki.The Governor stressed that Alexandria University is one of the great Egyptian Universities and one of the institutions that deserve all the respect and we are all proud of. He thanked University of Alexandria for encouraging students to entrepreneurship and it is considered a pioneer in providing scientific curriculum as well as critical thinking curriculum for students as to form a society that can lead. He added that Egypt today has taken great steps to raise the growth rate which is the real locomotive that can drive economic development.