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Governor of Alexandria Participates in the Closing Ceremony of Quality Assurance for Basic Education Initiative under the Slogan "Together for Better Education"
alex in 10 Jul 2019 Dr Abd El-Aziz Qonsowa , Governor of Alexandria, witnessed the closing ceremony of the activities of the Quality Assurance Initiative for Basic Education in Alexandria under the slogan "Together for Better Education". This initiative was launched and implemented under the auspices of the Governor of Alexandria through the Education Committee in the governorate in coordination with the Directorate of Education and the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University. The governor honored all participants in the Quality Assurance Initiative, members of the Education Committee, teachers in the literacy project and officials of Alexandria university . He also called on all attendees to publish the "Together for Better Education" initiative, which aims to guarantee the quality of basic education in schools since Education is the real value that our children must understand its value .The governor emphasized that the file of education is one of the most important files of top priority besides the health file , adding that education and health are among the main pillars on which countries build. This is in addition to the other projects that the governorate works on such as the projects of mass transport, cleaning, sewage projects, dealing with rain and other files.